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Angkor Signature Tour 4days

Angkor Signature Tour 4days Packages
DAY 1. ARRIVAL AFTERNOON TEMPLE Arrive in Siem Reap and we transfer to your hotel. In the afternoon, we drive to Check point to purchase your Angkor Pass. Drive to Banteay Kdei Temple. Great . .
Country: Cambodia
City: Siem Reap
Duration: 4 Day(s) - 3 Night(s)
Tour Category: Adventure

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Arrive in Siem Reap and we transfer to your hotel. In the afternoon, we drive to Check point to purchase your Angkor Pass. Drive to Banteay Kdei Temple. Great introduction temple, lots of trees and very atmospheric, generally not too busy.

The citadel of the cells. In the ruin and confusion of Banteay Kdei the carvings take one's interest. They are piquant, exquisite, not too frequent... they seem meant.. to make adorable a human habitation. Banteay Kdei is located south of Ta Prohm Temple. A enter the monument from the west and leave at the west or vice versa, either way, also visit Srah Srang. It was built in middle of the 12th century to the beginning of the 13th century by king Jayavarman II in Mahaya Buddhism with following at least two different art periods Angkor Wat and Bayon are discernible at Banteay Kdei. Finally, we continue to Pre Rup for Sunset – Crematorium temple surrounded by nice countryside and good sun viewing. Getting busier now but nothing like the number of tourists as Phnom Bhakeng.


Dawn at jungle-clad Ta Prohm. This temple was a monastery built by Jayavarman VII as a residence for his mother. Ta Prohm has been controversially left to the destructive power of the jungle by French archaeologists to demonstrate the awesome power of nature. It has been largely consumed by the jungle and as you climb through the dilapidated stone structures you see many giant trees growing out of the top of the temple itself.

We head north to visit the elegant temple of Banteay Srei built by a Brahman in the 10th Century, this temple was dedicated to Shiva. The famous pink sandstone structure bears a series of beautiful sculptures, lintels, pediments and friezes. It is said they must have been carved by women as the detail is too fine for the hands of a man. This gives us the origin of the Khmer name, Fortress of the Women. (It may take approx. 40 minutes’ drive).

We can also make a detour to view Banteay Samre, a splendid temple built by Suryavarman 11. The style of the towers and balustrades bear strong resemblance to those at Angkor Wat, and even more so to the temples of Phimai in Thailand. Many of its carvings are in excellent condition.

On your return to Siem Reap, we stop at Land Mine Museum. Return to your hotel for lunch or rest at your swimming pool.

In the afternoon, we start to visit with the sites of Angkor Thom. This Royal city was first built under the reign of Udayadityavarman II in the 11th Century. It was destroyed when the Chams from Vietnam rose up against the Khmers and invaded, sacking the city, and was subsequently renovated by King Jayavarman VII at the end of the 12th Century. Its vast walls, some 6m wide, 8m high and 13km in length contain many monuments. Continue to visit Victory Gate, the Bayon, this temple mountain, built by Jayavarman VII, is situated in the center of the city of Angkor Thom. It is a three-tiered pyramid with its entrance facing east. The central shrine is surrounded by 54 towers all crowned by gigantic faces, representing Avalokite-shvara but with the features of Jayavarman VII. Later, we return back to your hotel.


Early visit to Angkor Wat (sunrise optional). If arriving at Angkor around 730, most visitors have returned to their hotels for breakfast leaving the temple cool and quiet. Climb Phnom Bakheng. Very popular sunset spot when it is crazy busy! Offers good views of Tonle Sap Lake, the Angkor forest and also Angkor wat. Temple is nice also. 10 minute walk, but not too demanding. Angkor Wat: The temple complex covers 81 hectares and is comparable in size to the Imperial Palace in Beijing. Its distinctive five towers are emblazoned on the Cambodian flag and the 12th century masterpiece is considered by art historians to be the prime example of classical Khmer art and architecture. Angkor Wat's five towers symbolize Meru's five peaks - the enclosed wall represents the mountains at the edge of the world and the surrounding moat, the ocean beyond.

Return to Hotel /Town
After lunch or around 1400 hours, we drive to the Roluos Group built in the 9th century and corresponding to the old capital of Hariharalaya. A short visit to the Lolei (993) follows, once on an island in a middle of an artificial lake (baray). Continue on to Bakong temple, is the first temple mountain of sandstone constructed by rulers of the Khmer empire which was built as a stepped-pyramid representing Mt. Meru.

We then, continue by riding to Kompong Thkov Village, you will enjoy the way of living in Angkor area. Later, we take a canoe boat to Kompong Pluk Village where houses are built on stilt within the floodplain of the Great Tonle Sap Lake. This village is 16 km southeast from charming Siem Reap town. Flooded mangrove forest surrounds the area and is home to a variety of wildlife including crab-eating macaques. During the dry season when the lake is low, the buildings in the villages seem to soar atop their 6-meter stilts exposed by the lack of water. Your boat trip will take approx 2-3 hours in total and across Tonle Sap Lake. Your journey will end at Tonle Sap Floating village of Chong Khneas. Arrive at Phnom Kron jetty, you may ride back to your hotel which takes approx 30 minutes or transfer by car at 15 minutes.


After breakfast at hotel, we transfer to airport for your flight to….

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